Work History


Marketing Director

AdDaddy Networks

In the dynamic realm of Addaddy Networks, I flourished as the Director of Marketing, orchestrating a spectrum of marketing marvels that not only propelled our clients' brands into the limelight but also significantly elevated their market share and profitability. My repertoire encompassed the full breadth of marketing disciplines: from constructing compelling brand narratives, devising razor-sharp marketing strategies, to engineering lead generation campaigns that consistently outperformed industry benchmarks.

With a keen eye on the evolving market trends and an adept understanding of diverse consumer segments, I crafted bespoke marketing solutions that resonated powerfully with target audiences, driving engagement levels to new heights. My initiatives were a linchpin in not just acquiring leads but effectively converting them into loyal customers, thereby fueling a sustainable growth trajectory for our clients.

The marketing landscape at Addaddy Networks was a fertile ground for innovation, and I reveled in exploring the uncharted, often blending the art and science of marketing to concoct campaigns that captured imagination and drove tangible results. Each endeavor under my helm was a symphony of creativity, analytics, and relentless pursuit of marketing excellence, ensuring our clients not only met their business objectives but surpassed them with flying colors. My tenure at Addaddy Networks was a testimony to the transformative power of integrated, insightful, and inventive marketing, leading to a legacy of delighted clients and a robust bottom line.


Corporate Lifesaver

The Eichholz Law Firm

I was beckoned to stabilize a faltering law firm during a turbulent phase when the founder faced incarceration. With a solid legal background, I was uniquely poised to resurrect the firm's dwindling fortunes.

Under my stewardship, the firm underwent a metamorphosis: expenses were meticulously trimmed, processes streamlined, and an innovative marketing strategy was unleashed that tripled the firm's revenue. My penchant for leveraging technology led to the creation of a proprietary lead tracking platform, 'Track My Leads', instrumental in meticulously monitoring, measuring, and managing the efficacy of our advertising campaigns, thereby significantly enhancing ROI.

The firm's trajectory of growth was unmistakable, and upon the founder's release from prison, I devised a blueprint to transition him into a Legal Funding venture, thus ensuring a continuum of productivity and revenue generation. The journey, although marred by a breach of trust, was rich with learning and underscored the indispensability of integrity and due diligence in professional engagements.


Director of Marketing (Founder)


As the Founder and Marketing Director of LegalHub, I spearheaded an innovative venture that revolutionized the way leads were provided to attorneys, marking us as pioneers in the field. Despite facing substantial scrutiny and opposition from bar associations due to my non-legal background, my unwavering commitment to innovation shone through.

My strategic acumen led to the recruitment of Robert B. Trussell founder and CEO of Tempur Pedic as a formidable partner, and together we navigated the waters of adversity. One of my pivotal successes was personally recruiting the nation’s foremost authority on Legal Ethics, Jeffrey Hazard Jr. whose endorsement significantly fortified LegalHub’s ethical standing, compelling the state Bar Associations to cease their opposition. Amidst these challenges, I successfully raised $3 million in funding, although a major portion was strategically allocated towards addressing the adversities posed by the bar associations. The journey, though tumultuous, honed my resilience, negotiation skills, and affirmed the transformative power of innovation even in traditionally rigid domains.




Founded the trailblazing tech startup, iJango, and ignited its journey by securing a substantial $6 million in private equity funding. Conceptualized and pioneered a proprietary business model which catalyzed remarkable growth, propelling the search engine towards a significant market presence. Despite the initial success, faced a challenging turn of events when the board of directors made the decision to transition leadership, a testament to the unpredictable, yet enriching path of entrepreneurship. My tenure at iJango not only honed my technical and strategic foresight but also imparted invaluable lessons in navigating the complex dynamics of startup culture and stakeholder management.


Director of Marketing

The Relationship Company

As the Director of Marketing at The Relationship Company, I played a pivotal role in the successful launch and positioning of multiple dating brands including UltimateSingles, SoulMate, and Christian Singles. My strategic insight and hands-on approach were instrumental in establishing 16 thriving offices nationwide, a venture that entailed the meticulous hiring and comprehensive training of personnel for each location. Entrusted with the full spectrum of marketing responsibilities, I orchestrated compelling marketing campaigns that significantly heightened brand visibility and consumer engagement. My managerial acumen ensured a harmonized, high-performing team dedicated to achieving and surpassing our marketing and operational objectives, setting a new benchmark for success within the dating services sector.



Excel Telecommunications, Inc.

Steered a robust sales initiative at Excel, a pioneering telecommunications entity, adeptly marketing long distance telephone services; achieved a significant boost in customer acquisitions, surpassing sales targets and fostering enduring client relationships.



Bachelors Degree (BA)

University of Puerto Rico

I gained comprehensive insights into financial management, marketing strategies, and leadership principles essential for effective business leadership.


Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
Google Ads Certification
Chartered Marketer Status from CIM
Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP)
American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)


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Search Engine Marketing

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Analytics & Reporting

Customer Segmentation

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Budget Management

KPI’s & ROI Analysis

Campaign Management

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Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards


Engaging with Barrett for our web development and online marketing needs has been a transformative experience for our business. Barrett didn't just deliver a visually stunning and functionally robust website, but also devised an online marketing strategy that has significantly amplified our brand visibility and customer engagement. His expertise in SEO and targeted advertising has propelled our online traffic and led to a remarkable increase in business. The journey from conceptualization to execution was seamless, characterized by Barrett's collaborative approach, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to our satisfaction. Highly recommended for anyone looking to significantly up their online game.