About Me

Visionary. Innovator. Marketer. Problem Solver. Consultant. Entrepreneur. Father.

With a steadfast commitment to integrity and a visionary outlook, I bring to the table a rich blend of leadership traits honed over a rich career span. My approach is rooted in empathy, allowing for a deeply resonant understanding of team dynamics and client needs. The journey has seen its share of hurdles, each one contributing to a now unyielding resilience, enabling me to lead with confidence through unchartered business landscapes.

The essence of my leadership lies in inspiring teams, nurturing a culture of accountability, and fostering innovation. My interactions are characterized by active listening and clear communication, creating a transparent and inclusive environment. I thrive on the infusion of fresh, creative energies, encouraging new ideas and strategies. With a strategic mindset, I not only anticipate but proactively address challenges, ensuring a path of continuous growth and learning.

My passion for what I do is evident in the tireless dedication I exhibit towards achieving our collective goals. Every day presents an opportunity to exercise patience, display courage, and extend respect and mentorship to my team, traits I believe are indispensable for cultivating a thriving, collaborative, and result-driven workspace.

What I Do

Problem Solving

With a knack for delving deep to identify the root cause of issues, I excel at crafting sustainable solutions that address the core of a problem, moving beyond the superficial fixes that many companies resort to, which only serve as temporary bandaids.

Analytical Thinking

With a strong analytical acumen, I am adept at evaluating a broad spectrum of data, assessing the effectiveness of your advertising efforts by examining the source, cost per lead, and most significantly, the customer acquisition costs to formulate an informed and results-oriented strategy.

Project Management

Harnessing a systematic approach and a keen eye for detail, I excel in steering projects from conception through to fruition, ensuring timelines are adhered to, resources are optimized, and objectives are met with a high standard of excellence

Communication Skills

Armed with exceptional communication skills, I adeptly convey complex ideas in an accessible manner, foster open dialogues, and build lasting relationships with stakeholders, ensuring a collaborative and transparent environment conducive to the successful attainment of project goals.


With a resilient and adaptable demeanor, I effortlessly navigate through changing business landscapes, swiftly adjusting strategies to meet evolving demands and ensure continued progress.

Technical Proficiency

My technical proficiency allows me to harness the power of modern tools and technologies, streamlining processes and delivering innovative solutions that propel businesses forward.

Sales & Marketing

My prowess in sales and marketing drives business growth, as I meticulously craft and execute strategies that resonate with target audiences, bolster brand visibility, and fuel revenue generation.

Negotiation Skills

With a firm grasp of negotiation techniques, I proficiently broker agreements that yield mutual benefits, ensuring a harmonious and productive collaboration with partners and stakeholders.

Interpersonal Skills

With a knack for delving deep to identify the root cause of issues, I excel at crafting sustainable solutions that address the core of a problem, moving beyond the superficial fixes that many companies resort to, which only serve as temporary bandaids.

Financial Acumen

My robust interpersonal skills foster a harmonious work environment, enabling me to connect with individuals at all organizational levels, thereby facilitating collaborative efforts toward shared goals.


Displaying a blend of leadership and teamwork, I inspire and galvanize teams towards achieving collective objectives while valuing each member's contribution, fostering a culture of shared success.

Change Management

My proficiency in change management ensures seamless transitions during organizational shifts, minimizing disruption while maximizing acceptance and adherence to new operational paradigms.

Strategic Thinking

With a strategic mindset, I envision long-term goals and chart actionable, insightful plans that navigate businesses through complexities towards sustained competitive advantage.

Creative Innovation

My propensity for creativity and innovation fuels the development of novel solutions and fresh perspectives, catalyzing business evolution in a dynamically changing market landscape.

Conflict Resolution

Through adept conflict resolution, I address discord constructively, promoting a conducive atmosphere for resolution and maintaining a positive, productive work environment.

Sales Training

Utilizing a comprehensive and engaging approach to sales training, I equip teams with the skills and strategies necessary to drive sales performance and achieve ambitious revenue targets.


With a discerning eye in staffing, I identify and onboard talent that not only meets the requisite skill sets but also aligns with the organizational culture, ensuring a synergistic workforce ready to propel the company forward.


Leveraging the power of automation, I streamline operational workflows, significantly reducing manual effort and paving the way for enhanced efficiency and productivity within the organization.

Generative AI

By integrating artificial intelligence solutions, I unlock data-driven insights and automation capabilities that drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and foster competitive advantage.


With a creative flair for content creation, I craft compelling narratives that engage audiences, build brand loyalty, and stimulate actionable responses that align with business objectives.

Video Production

In the realm of video production, I blend storytelling with visual allure to produce captivating videos that resonate with audiences, amplify brand messages, and propel marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rates

Through meticulous analysis and strategic implementation, I excel in conversion rate optimization, enhancing user experience and significantly boosting the rate at which visitors convert into loyal customers.

Marketing Collateral

Designing impactful marketing collateral, I encapsulate brand essence and key messages into visually appealing and informative assets that support sales efforts and enrich customer engagements.


Harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, I develop sophisticated conversational AI solutions that enhance customer interactions, streamline service operations, and provide insightful data analytics, thus propelling businesses into a new era of digital engagement and customer satisfaction.

" Barrett has an unmatched ability to identify core challenges and map out a clear, executable path towards resolution. The results we've achieved speak volumes. If you’re seeking someone who will not only meet but exceed your expectations, look no further. "
Dr. Kathryn Sudikoff
iDental Dilworth

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